Bologna Book-Vandalism, Echoing Gramedia’s Islamist Bonfire!

 I suppose of all the elements which are dragging Indonesia down, it’s not so much the sectarian  fanatics who are the greatest menace to freedom…
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….but the collaborationists, those who are content to acquiesce in the Islamists’ dirty work, stand side by side with them as they commit atrocities, like book-burning.  Gramedia bosses are among the most despicable examples of that foul phenomenon.
It’s difficult to figure out men with such little grasp of the basic principles of civil or religious liberty.
Hence it was them I immediately thought about, when I read that red nazis in Bologna had broken into a bookshop there and destroyed copies of Matteo Salvini’s new book.
He’s one of the patriot party leaders there – his Liga Nord is doing grand work to save Italy from the infestation of illegals imported by Renzi.


Apparently Bologna is  known as a stronghold of left-wing politics and counter-culture – a cesspool in other words!

So perhaps people there weren’t as surprised by the actions of the marxist louts as I was by Gramedia’s Hitlerian arson – I’d previousy assumed Gramedia was a respectable, responsible business.

Unlike some politicians here in Jakarta, however, it seems even left-wingers in Italy are horrified at the vandalism perpetrated by red vermin – their actions were universally condemned.

“Destroying books is in no way justifiable,” Bologna’s Democratic Party mayor, Virginio Meriola, was reported as saying. “Ideas can only be contested by proposing better ideas.”                                                                                                                          Activists destroy copies of far-right leader’s new book in raid

 That’s good to hear.
A pity that Gramedia, which purports to be a publishing business, doesn’t have the same respect for books as Mayor Meriola.