Migrants A Blessing? Renzi’s Hypocrisy Exposed By His Own Flunkey!

I zoomed up to my usual barber near Grogol this weekend, a snip at Rp.15,000, about $1,50, and feel the better for it. If you’re keen on  going to parties, it’s nice to look neat.

Pause here while that anonymous commie composes his comment, complaining that I generally gallivant around Jakarta in casual clothes, no Hugo Bossi $1000 suits.


Sadly, the snob never gives his name, so he doesn’t get published.

If I were going to be interviewed on tv, I’d certainly have a hair-cut first, even though there’s not as much hair up there as there used to be.

Not how Pier Padoan thinks, so it seems.

He’s Italy’s current Finance mInister and on EuroNews today he looked like he’d been dragged through a hedge backwards, badly in need of a trim, and indeed a comb! But if he talked sense, that’d be easy to forgive.

Instead he spilled the beans on the red regime he works with, laying bare Renzi’s hypocrisy.

You’ll recall only days ago Renzi and Mama Stasi were making noises about the need to control the EUSSR’s borders…


6e6cb-hypocrisyofoursociety  Eighty Years On, A New Rome-Berlin Axis?


… a patent ploy to fool voters in both their countries that they were concerned about the migrant menace.



Well, today, Padoan declared that ‘migrants are a BLESSING!’

Let’s count our blessings!

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Probably not the noun of choice if you asked the women of Cologne, or the bereaved relatives of those poor old Italian pensioners.

Or indeed if you asked the electorate of either country by means of a proper referendum.

  • referndmlet peole vote


Fat chance of that.

Padoan’s explanation for his shocking misuse of the word ‘blessing’  was that ‘migrants’ will enhance ‘growth.’




Hell, Signor, they are already doing so, growth in the crime-rate!

The answer to problems, he told EuroNews, was MORE power to Brussels.



Well. he would say that, wouldn’t he?

Pity EuroNews didn’t have any representative from any Italian patriot party to refute his tripe


– but EuroNews wouldn’t, would it?