DUP Does Just Fine, Despite Gaystapo Ranting!

First response to the Ulster results?



  • Well done to Jim Allister, back in Stormont, representing his Traditional Unionist Values party, a small but invaluable element in the politics of the province.


But while  the overall picture remains  largely similar to what it was before the vote, there’s one other pleasing result to note. 

It was a good election for the DUP, with Arlene Foster seeing her party’s support hold firm in her first campaign as leader.


  • “I’m absolutely elated,” she said last night. “We’ve had some very strong results.”
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I have been critical of the DUP quite frequently, but to give credit where it’s due, they did save Ulster from the offensive absurdity of so-called ‘gay weddings’ not long ago.

As a consequence of that principled stand, the militant poofter lobby in the province had announced there’d be a menacing mincing mobilisation

Northern Ireland gay community mobilises against DUP candidates …

That report described how irate homos aimed to get voters in their communities to make use of the proportional representation system for the Stormont assembly and vote tactically to keep DUP candidates out.


  • They are also urging the gay electorate to vote against other unionist candidates who have blocked marriage equality.


Well, ho-ho-ho!

Not only did the DUP emerge in good shape, the largest party in the assembly, but, as mentioned above, TUV’s True-Blue Jim has bounced back with a very healthy vote, all the better to maintain his staunch opposition to the gaystapo’s unhealthy agenda.