Stuff Europe Day – AND Mama’s Wannabe Herrenvolk!

Since today is apparently ‘Europe Day,’ let’s get out tonight and burn that evil emblem.




But a few thoughts on the latest news first!

It’s one thing for Brussels to order sovereign states about like lords dispensing orders to their serfs and vassals.  

We last week had The Liar lecturing Brits, and every other European people, telling them to knuckle under and don’t dare put your own country first.



Euro-Commissar Juncker, liar and enemy of nation-states

“If you are listening to your national opinion you are not developing what should be a common European sense and a feeling of the need to put together efforts.



The proper response of patriots to Liar Juncker


It’s horrible, of course, but those countries, by signing up to the EUSSR, have put themselves in that position.

They can expect no less, and until they wise up and repudiate the relevant treaties, they have a problem.




But what about the heirs to Hitler’s mind-set, the elitist German in-crowd who see themselves as Herrenvolk, masters, if not yet of the universe, at least of Europe?


  • Euromerkel
  • ——
  • Who the HELL do Mama Stasi and her Coalition’s flunkeys think they are, to stick their noses into every other European nation’s internal affairs?

We see this arrogance at work in Austria –

European Parliament President Martin Schulz has warned against a Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) victory in the country’s upcoming presidential election, claiming the “vast majority” of people do not want national borders. 

How does he know what the ‘vast majority’ of people want or do not want?

He and his kind abhor asking people what they want. Any suggestion of referenda, on anything, has his kind frothing against democracy. 

EU’s Schulz slams Hungary’s ‘populist’ migrant referendum | euronews




He added that this “silent majority…”should mobilise against the FPO “for Europe,” if Norbert Hofer becomes president “this will change Europe’s character”.

EU Parliament President Claims: ‘Vast Majority Do Not Want Borders’

Never mind that Europe’s character badly needs changed! 
Schulz is in Strasbourg as a representative of a German party, Merkel’s coalition comrades, the SPD.
How dare he intrude on what is entirely a decision for the people of Austria?
No wonder the Freedom Party’s spokesman denounced the upstart German’s impertinence as “totally inappropriate.”


But Schulz is merely mimicking HMV’s arrogant dominatrix, Mama Stasi!

She’s been playing the same sticky-beak game, this time in France, where she strutted her Valkyrian stuff, telling French folk that she knew better than they as to who should run their country. 

“I will make my contribution towards ensuring other political forces are stronger than the National Front.”


Gambar kisah untuk le pen merkel dari Newsweek Marine


FN leader Marine Le Pen, quite rightly hit out at the German leader’s comments. She said the intervention demonstrated the “submission of our country to Germany,” and that it was “outrageous and humiliating for France.”  

Le Pen to Merkel: Keep Out of French Politics

Outrageous indeed, this contempt by the self-perceived new masters.
But there’s a lesson for patriots in every land there too.
Coordination, cooperation, against the Fourth Reich is essential.