Apostate’s Aborted Voyage to Rape-Gang Land!

Unusual to read of undesirables LEAVING Oz by boat, after years during which thousands of the lying parasites poured in.

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But controversial Islamist preacher Musa Cerantonio is reportedly one of five men arrested, who, say the cops who nabbed them, were‘extremely committed’ to their mission  –  which was to reach the Middle East and sign up with the infamous ISIS rape-gang.
Unfortunately, the sectarian scumbags, aged between 21 and 33, have not yet been charged.


Notorious apostate Musa Cerantonio
It seems that the captain of the Bad Ship Jihad was not even an alien but an Oz-born apostate, a turn-coat who ‘converted’ from the Christianity he was raised in.
And he was apparently deported from the Philippines to Australia in 2014 for violating immigration laws.  https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/31567418/track-pants-tubing-and-one-pack-of-water-inside-would-be-terrorists-is-boat/
ISIS rape-gang prowling for sex-slaves

Obvious questions arise.

Why did Oz take the swine back?

He has evidently no allegiance to Australia – the Australian Federal Police previously described his pro-IS social media posts as “offensive and disturbing” – and if the latest report is accurate, he was leading a pack of primitives to take up arms against Australia’s allies.

If so, better just to have let them sail away, then have some gallant frogmen disable the boat, a few severe punctures needed…

…then advise any passing sharks where lunch might be available.