Camoron Entreats Mama – ‘Mask Your Fuhrer Complex!’

What Camoron says in public and in private are quite different.

He’s a two-faced SOB, but that’s hardly news. His record on queers speaks for itself.



It’s just that every so often, he gets caught out, as with his latest exposure on the issue of Nigerian corruption.

Not again! Cameron caught telling Queen leaders of ‘fantastically corrupt’ countries are coming to Britain  (strange he never gave the EUSSR as another example!)




But what has he been saying off the record to HMV, the worst woman in Europe, who, it transpires, was allowed to dictate the content of one of his major speeches on his phoney ‘renegotiation?’


  • A fuhrer-complex extraordinaire!
  • ——
  • merkel


  • Her minions’ denials don’t just ring hollow, they are unsubstantiable, as they themselves have been forced to confess.
  • Her MEP buddy, Elmar Brok, denies that Germany has a direct impact on British policy – that is just wrong.” But pushed on whether Mrs Merkel asked the PM to drop the policy, he was forced to admit: “I do not know what has been dropped or not…
  • Malignant Mama seems to have developed an alternative history in her warped mind, that D-Day and Alamein and the Battle of Britain never happened, and that she can shrill from her Berlin bunker and those recalcitrant Brits will come to heel.
  • She has shown the same attitude towards Poland.

  • ———————-
  • Camoron, who actually lives in the UK, at least has the nous to see how counter-productive that could be.
  • BUT…the rivetting issue now must surely be…
  • CAN she bridle her hubris long enough to oblige her Downing Street lap-dog?   .