Before He ‘Dumps Trump,’ Better To Haul Paul – Over the Coals!

House GOP warns Paul Ryan to back Donald Trump –

Whilst we ponder the American elections – and of course there are plenty of elections there in November, not just the Presidency – we watch with interest the sort of RINOs who are turning renegade in the run-up.


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  • Mitt Romney threw away his chance to rescue America from Obama by failing to come out loud and clear and enunciate conservative principles.

Lindsay Graham has a ghastly record of liberalism, and will certainly drive conservatives to swing in line behind The Donald.

Similarly with Paul Ryan, who’s another of those economic laissez-faire liberals who abhor conservative principles.

We have note Ryan’s aberrant role beforePaul Ryan is NO Conservative – He’s Got a Gaystapo Recordbut there’s much to check out in Trump’s own record, esp. after the New York Times, a part of the media long since infested with ‘gays,’ came out this month with a piece suggesting he’s pro-queer.

Reassuringly, many militant mincers have reacted angrily, saying Trump is NOT their cup of tea!

So  let’s wait and see exactly how the candidate shapes up.

He has ‘mis-spoken’ more than once, and ‘walked back’ views that cause uproar, an example being his foolish words about allowing sleazy trannies to use women’s restrooms.

The BIG issue he has never ‘walked back’ on is his absolutely splendid determination to deport the horde of crimmigrants whom Obama is grooming to provide a permanent left majority in the USA’s future elections.

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  • He told the truth about the high incidence of wickedness among the horde, the rapists, murderers, etc.

He wants to wall the border.

These are matters that affect the very essence of America

And let’s see whom he selects as his VP nominee.  

But the bottom line is surely…