Brits! Vote Today In This Europhile Poll!






Here’s a poll published in EU Observer, which most Brits won’t even know about. Use your vote to tilt the imbalance! Then ready yourself for a weekend of action to deliver your country from the EUSSR.

“Do you think the Uniited Kingdom should remain in the EU? “

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Okay, done that?

Now read this clarion call from Leave EU. –


Dear Supporter,

With only 44 days to go before the referendum we are ramping up the campaign. It’s bound to be “a damn close-run thing”, as the Duke of Wellington once said.Yesterday, the Prime Minister mentioned our war dead to say there might be conflict and genocide in Europe if we dared leave the EU.

People died in two world wars to liberate Europe from dictatorship and to restore democracy, not to create a union of 28 countries that destroys our democratic rights. The PM will end this campaign, win or lose, with the disdain of the British public.

On the campaign front, our social media operation continues to dwarf those of Vote Leave and the IN Campaign. The Leave.EU Facebook page has 685k followers alone! One video we featured received 3.2m views in a few days. 

If you haven’t already seen it already go and have a look at ‘Brexit the animated movie’.

Four million Leave.EU “Know the Facts” leaflets will be arriving with our group leaders this week, just in time for our Action Day this Saturday that we’re proud to call the ‘Fight for Independence Day’.
It is a precious opportunity to get out there and help those swing voters understand why Britain needs to leave the EU.
You can help us to distribute all of these leaflets in one day by joining your nearest constituency group and assisting them this Saturday. We also have a series of events over the next six weeks.

Contact our team to help us distribute another 20 million leaflets over the final leg of the campaign.

We are not stopping at leaflets. We have just ordered large outdoor banners, correx boards, posters and another 250,000 bumper car stickers that will be sent out to our campaign groups. They will also be available to buy and download on our website.
Also coming soon will be Union Jack flags, with ‘Independence’ emblazoned across them. Three different sizes of flag will be available to purchase for car windows, events and to display in your windows or front garden.

Why not take a photo of you with your Leave.EU merchandise or whilst out canvassing so we can encourage more people to display their Leave.EU materials with pride? Tag us: @LeaveEUofficial #LeaveEU. Or alternatively, email your pictures to