Detention Works! Regretful Parasites Swim Back to Turkey!

I noticed EuroNews is still afflicted with  ‘learning difficulties!’ – some Greek bint was on today telling us that a bunch of wasters were still ‘stuck’ at Idomeni.

Fact is, these crimmigrants are NOT ‘stuck’ at all.



There has been transport laid on by the Athens Government to shift them to more conducive residential accommodation.

And they may return to whence they came – so ‘stuck’ is a blatant Euronews lie.

Same with Chios!

Six migrants who were fed up with being stuck on the Greek Island of Chios tried to make their way back to Turkey – by swimming..

Tired of Greece, migrants try to swim back to Turkey

This is in itself splendid news, six less snouts in the trough. Or would be…
….instead, damfool maritime patrol boats picked them up and brought them BACK! 
But it totally vindicates what we’ve been saying for months – if you make life disagreeable for the crimmigrant horde, they’ll many of them lose interest in leeching off Europe.
bulgar turkey-and-its-neighbours-map
As far as Greece is concerned, my heart has oftimes been sore at what’s befallen those beautiful Aegean isles, not least ‘craggy Chios,’ which is said to have been  home to Homer.
Now they’re ‘home’ to unwanted aliens, bent on following their fellows who stomped across Balkan borders in contemptuous defiance of sovereign frontiers.
The Enemy Within do-gooders have been shrilling for months about ‘conditions’ on the islands, but now these conditions have been shown to have an effect entirely desirable, inducing undesirables to sod off back to whence  they came.
The Tsipras regime is still way too lax – I saw on the news this week that the crimmigrants are able to wander in and out of the camps there.
So let’s see a real crack-down, real detention, and a reduction in largesse.
And elsewhere in Europe too, ending nonsense like ‘pocket-money,’ and free internet access, no more free re-charging for their mobile phones, and installation of barbed wire or other secure perimeters wherever these aliens are deposited…
———out with them
THAT’s the way forward.
Uninvited guests are NOT entitled to hospitality.