Jokowi Please Note! A British Minister Voices British Views!

Tonight Brussels will be awash with tears, the execution of a sectarian war-criminal in Bangladesh the reason. Bangladesh hikes security after top Islamist hanged for war crimes  After all, the European Union deplores any and every execution, no matter how evil the criminal.

So all praise to Priti Patel MP, a British politician from migrant origins (the child of LEGAL migrants, please note, not ‘asylum’ crimmigrant brats like those Camoron’s now bringing in)

Next time some twat from the Her Britannic Majesty’s Embassy in Jakarta starts spouting anti-capital punishment cr#p…

. purporting to represent British views, Indonesians should ask about Priti Patel.

More to the point, ask them to tell the truth about UK public opinion, which one parliament after another has flouted. British people have ALWAYS supported capital punishment.

Every survey, every poll – there may have been the rare exception, but they’d be rare indeed – has shown clearly that Brits want hanging restored.


Priti Patel Minister.jpg Pretty Priti


Of course The Independent reports Priti’s admirable stand in disapproving tones, but, like the pinko twit papers here in Indonesia, the Jakarta Post and Jakarta Globe, which also oppose executing crims, The Independent reflects only the chattering classes, self-regarding ‘intellectuals.’

Such people jump on any bandwagon rolled out by America’s ‘enemy within’ media like the NY Times – and Britain’s Independent.

President Jokowi certainly doesn’t pay much attention to my advice, but if, by chance, any of his friends do read this  here’s a tip.

If Camoron’s Embassy lap-dogs in Jakarta, or any other EUSSR flunkeys, tell Indonesians that capital punishment is unacceptable, challenge them!


referndmlet peole vote


Tell them that, in a democracy, it’s up to the people.

And so if Cameron, or Merkel or Hollande, or Renzi, will put the issue to THEIR citizens in a referendum, Indonesia will do the same.

And pledge to respect the result!