Crimmigrants Seize Italian Cop-Shop – Punishment? ‘Specialised African Cuisine!’

The parasites pouring into Italy – with the eager assistance of the Italian Navy – have once again shown what sort of lawless ingrate swine they really are.

Not satisfied with the free food supplied by Italy’s hapless tax-payers ( un-consulted, of course, on how their money is flushed down the trough in this way) a pack of savages from the Coop Dimora d’Abramo refugee centre in Reggio Emilia occupied the local police headquarters;… 

“We’re talking with the reception centre at the moment and will bring in a new Pakistani chef, specialized in African cuisine to cook a meal for the migrants once a week!”

 Salvini, author as well as patriot

Thanks be that some Italians who can make their voice heard are telling the Renzi regime what they think of its rotten appeasement policies, this pandering to the refugees’ unfair and excessive demands.

Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s anti-immigration Northern League, told The Local the decision was “crazy.”

No other European country would put up with this kind of protest from migrants!” 


One of Renzi’s local minions demurs. He commiserates with the crimmigrants – the food isn’t  “part of the asylum seekers’ culture…”

And why, we all chorus, should it be? They came to Italy. That’s a place people eat Italian food. If they prefer what they were used to, sod off home!

Most Italians would surely cheer them on their way.  

Especially this importunate creep.  

“I like Italian food, but here it’s not well cooked at all,” said Zeshan, a migrant from Pakistan who was among the protesters last week.

Oh dear. ‘Garcon, this cost me a fortune, and it’s not to my taste at all. I want my money back.’

Ooops, it cost this Pakistani ingrate nothing at all.

Somebody should ram it down his arrogant throat!

But howzabout this?

“Many of us have eaten Italian food before in England and Germany and it was better than this.”

Such well-travelled ‘refugees!’

As Red Renzi’s local flunkey said to the media, it’s “important to meet the needs of people fleeing war and poverty.”

Poverty, yeah? Fleeing, yeah?

Flouncing around a variety of countries BEYOND the one they landed in to claim ‘asylum?’

Yeah, right!