Petition Against Obama’s War On ( Little ) Women

Most of us had assumed that the mangy charlatan in the White House would be content with stoking racism to toxic levels as his most lasting achievement after eight awful years…



 –  or maybe presiding over the elevation of undesirable alien illegals to ‘protected species’ status.


  • But now he  has shown Americans what he most wants to be remembered for – making school-girls’ restrooms a happy hunting ground for perverted predators.


But it’s not just toilets!


The foul creature also extends his target!

If the kids are away from home, at boarding-school, maybe, or on school-trips, having to spend one or more nights in hotel or hostel accommodation, the guidance also states that members of one biological sex must be allowed to stay overnight in the same rooms or dormitories as members of the opposite sex, if the former identify as transgender.


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LSN have started a petition which I append below for readers in the USA.

I doubt, though, that Obama has the slightest interest in what decent people think or write or put their names to.

Impeachment is what he deserves, but given his lame-duck status, even that’s not a viable option. 


Hillary Clinton Gay – The Huffington Post


You’ll not be surprised that Clinton is in lock-step with the militant ‘transgender’ freak-show ( and I imagine her husband wouldn’t feel too abashed about the prospect of men gate-crashing ladies’ loos!)

Trump? Well, he has wobbled badly but if he gets on board the Good Ship Responsibility he can atone for his dithering.

However, as has been made clear, there’s more than one election in November. Every single seat in the House of Representatives is up for grabs.


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  • And one third of the Senate, which is arguably more important, since they can prevent any more subversive creeps like Ginsberg or Sotomarx getting onto the Supreme Court. .

 Duty calls. Now please read this petition.

URGENT: Tell Obama to rescind his extreme transgender school mandate. Sign the petition here.