Breaking News – Patriot Poles Eat Babies for Breakfast?

 A past-it party animal grubbing about in the smear-swamp?


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  • Cigar-fan Bill Clinton has savaged key Western allies who dare to do for their people what his wicked witch of a wife won’t do for Americans.

He shrills that Poland and Hungary find “democracy is too much trouble” and “want Putin-like leadership, ‘just give me an authoritarian dictatorship and keep the foreigners out’…sound familiar?” Bill Clinton Declares War on Poland

Hungary, like Poland, IS a real democracy. Both regularly hold free elections, and both, of course, welcome foreigners
When I was taking my offspring on a grand tour in the early years after those brave countries had liberated themselves from communism…
….we found them to be friendly and helpful to a foreign family who couldn’t speak their language but understood their history and respected their proud cultures.
Far from any wish to keep the foreigners out, they still today are eager to have foreign visitors come.
What they don’t want are Mama Stasi’s rape-refugees preying on their citizens. Hungary’s actually planning a referendum on crimmigration later this year.

Imagine Horrible Hillary’s response if any similar exercise in democratic consultation on her beloved illegal immigrants were proposed?

But that doesn’t save either European nation from Bilious Bill’s bellicose belly-aching!

And while the accusation of eating babies for breakfast has yet to be levelled against either brave nation, it surely won’t be long till further escalation of rancid rhetoric by the cultural marxist elite, in Brussels as much as, or more than, in Washington.


The Venice Commission is travelling to Poland again!

Wow, I hear you say, and that’s what EUObserver regards as newsworthy?

How many readers have even heard of this body of experts on constitutional law from the human rights watchdog Council of Europe?


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Known in Poland as the “act of surveillance,” it’s surely the business of Poles and not a pack of pinkos.

And for those of us who enjoy US crimes series like NCIS, and are constantly appalled at the crass stupidity of an American legal system which prevents police catching criminals…


… the fact that the Poles are giving cops extended rights to record video and audio in buildings and on public transport makes sound sense.

More sensible still, they do not have to inform those investigated or ask courts for authorisation.

 Won’t record much of interest from terrorist chatting if you tell the terrs they’re on the air!

As with the insane delay on sharing air passenger information, only those up to no good have grounds for objection to these measures.  Why should the forces of law and order have to fanny about before going after no-goods?


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But fact is, this is just the latest act put on by the Brussels’ Flying Circus, the EUSSR’s hit-team aiming at Poland the same way they target Hungary and will no doubt be after Slovakia and Denmark and any other country which takes law and order seriously.

Sadly, the Venetian Blinds have various past-it Polish politicians egging them on. 

Three former Polish presidents and other erstwhile leaders have issued an appeal to their countrymen to bring back democratic rule of law in Poland.


Like, what next?

Concentration camps, torture chambers, dead-of-night arrests of dissidents? Those were the hall-marks of the Communist regime in Poland (and all communist regimes) and the current Law and Justice Party Polish Government is as non-communist, anti-communist, as one can hope to find. 

Those fretty ‘erstwhile leaders‘ are in no danger of harm or imprisonment.

Their foot-soldiers from the dumbo student element are out in their thousands often enough, denouncing Law and Justice as they march and holler. Yet they seem remarkably un-arrested.

Let’s clarify, again, what Poland’s elected (by a big majority) Government has done to upset these shrillers.

I won’t go through it here but instead let the Poles do it for themselves, as reported in this link.

And returning to the Clinton diatribe…?

Does Billy Boy expect those nations to get down on their knees in response to his hypocritical haranguing?

That’s his known preference, after all.