Innocents Endangered, But Calais Curs Go Free – Aw, They’re Just Kids!

There’s something really sickening about this report from France, a crack-pot court that sentenced three Afghan scum to a mere three months for hurling a tree-trunk onto a highway, heedless of the risk of death or serious injury to the truckers whose vehicles they aimed to break and enter.



Obviously, the police should open fire on any mobs of savages spotted preparing such murderous attacks. It would save wasting court time on trying them.

But what’s worse still is the information that three other alien swine were also netted but immediately turned loose – the dirty curs ‘appeared in juvenile court before being released…


evil children


…because they happen to be some of  those ‘unaccompanied children’ we’re all supposed to break our hearts for. 

BTW, it’s interesting to note that France too has disingenuous douche-bags in the legal profession.

The attorneys for the pigs tried to get the case thrown out because the poor mangy brutes didn’t get access to interpreters for three whole hours after they were arrested.


Boo-bloody-hoo! So the scum should have been unleashed, maybe after a high-quality taqiya solemn promise to come back later!?!? Hogwash! 

As for those sweet little ‘children,’ if a transfer to a ‘juvenile court’ was obligatory, the swine should have been locked up until a hearing was arranged.  

Malevolent brats involved in this kind of attack should be flogged and instantly deported!

These attacks, we’re told in the report, happen every night in the Channel port city.


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  • So why indeed were all six of the evil aliens not at once booted out of France?  Same for ANY of the ‘Jungle’ beasts arraigned for any offence. Any claim to ‘asylum’ is insupportable given such criminal activity.  

In fact, all those rabble mobs that assemble at the highways should be surrounded by armed police, loaded into a container-truck and taken straight to the most convenient harbour, there to await further loading – onto vessels bound for anywhere not in Europe.


Or else a cargo plane.

Who cares, as long as they are manacled and can’t escape, to return, once more to menace decent French folk?