EU-Controlled Court Foists ‘Gypsy’ Ratbag on Danes

We’ve suggested more than once that certain judges seem keen on being hit-men for the cultural marxist war on civilised values.
In Denmark, this has been borne out again with a downright moronic ruling from the highest court in the land.
evil judge
The Supreme Court has said that a 46-year-old Croatian ‘gypsy king,’ Levakovic by name, with a long record of criminal activity, could not be kicked out of Denmark. 
And guess what?
It’s the European Union that’s to blame for this act of insanity. 
The court said that expelling Levakovic would be in violation of the EU’s Convention for the Protection of Human Rights. 
‘Gypsy crime boss’ can stay in Denmark: court
In August he was sentenced to 15 months in prison followed by expulsion from Denmark following a conviction on charges of having a loading pistol and making death threats.
After several levels of appeal, and ‘national outrage’ when one court made a nonsense ruling in the dirty slug’s favour, it reached the highest stage.
The result just beggars belief. 
“The Supreme Court finds that despite the severity of his current crime and despite his criminal career, [the request] for deportation would be a disproportionate infringement on his rights in respect to his private and family life..”
sod that
Hey, court cretins – he’s not a Dane! It’s DANES who have the right to live in Denmark.
He’s a Croat, though I imagine Croatia, where I have spent some good times, with very good people, doesn’t like to be reminded of that.

Decent Croats, like decent Romanians…

Hey, UK! Don’t Abhor Romanians – Roma Rogues Are The Problem! 

 …don’t like to be associated with undesirables!

Not being a Dane, the sleazy slug should have no rights whatsoever in Denmark unless the Danish people AND the Danish Government say so.
EU hogwash on ‘rights’ should be repudiated – angry Danes must understand that raging against damfool dorks in judges’ robes will achieve little or nothing…
…unless they excise the cancer that’s causing the problem.