EuroNews, Byword for Bias, Exalts Clinton Slur on Patriots

Hardly sat down after getting home when once more the obsequious apparatchiks of EuroNews displayed their endless grovelling bias against patriotism.

  • Given their previous record, no surprise!

I should explain that I have the blasted pravda-clones on so often purely because that channel is nearest to those which have the NCIS shows which I enjoy a lot.


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  • I can switch fast for hourly headlines then, if the world hasn’t blown up, switch back to see what Gibbs or Pride or NYC’s Mac are up to.

Anyway, my exasperation with EuroNews today arises from their grotesque choice of ‘quote of the week,’ which turned out to be the very words used by the Cigar-Fan to whom Crooked Hillary is married.


  • monica-lewinsky
  • Poland and Hungary find “democracy is too much trouble” and “want Putin-like leadership, ‘just give me an authoritarian dictatorship and keep the foreigners out’…sound familiar?”   BillClinton Declares War on Poland



His vicious and baseless insult to two of the bravest nations in Europe at least has the plus that Polish-American and Hungarian -American voters will be even less likely to choose his ghastly squawking spouse in November.


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  • Citizens of any European nation subjected to constant EuroNews hostility towards those whom the Brussels oligarchy seeks to witch-hunt  -and have watched too many of its fawning faux-journalists ‘interviewing’ Eurocrats (* see PPS below)-  should protest.  

Contact euronews


And tell companies which advertise on its wave-length that they do themselves no favours by their association with the Goebbels-like bilge which it pumps out incessantly.

PS – I paused before publishing this, to have a brunch of fried egg and potatoes.

Even during that short interlude, EuroNews bias was back, some sour-faced pinko female  hosting a show all about America’s illegals problem, with another whiney blonde bint giving various ‘migrants’ a platform to criticise what she snidely termed ‘certain politicians.’

A two-minute (at most!) clip from a Trump speech was the only voice heard from those who disagree with EuroNews appeasement policies.

Blondie then gave vent to an invidious comparison with Europe – in America, she observed, it was easier to impose ‘refugees’ on unwilling locals, because it was one country, where federal diktat over-ride reluctant states and cities,whereas Europe had all these inconvenient nations that wouldn’t do what Brussels demanded.

PPS…an hour or two later, having spent time reading in the front yard, I’m back indoors, and alas witnessed one of those interviews *, a cute Greekess named Efi, who showed no concern at all for Greeks or other Europeans made miserable by the alien horde talking to a Greek EuroCommissar named Styliades.

She pressed him on her worries for the welfare of those ‘poor refugees’ but not a word about consulting Greeks or the others by referendum on whether or not they wanted these bludgers on their territory.

EuroNews bias never stops!