Europe-Wide Media Bias – Bellen Is Far-Left – Say So!

As we all wait nervously for the postal ballots to be counted in Vienna (and BTW, there’s an interesting article about British postal balloting in the coming referendum here… 

…Europe’s main-stream media has shown its true colours – varying shades of rouge – with their almost ubiquitous designation of  Herr Hofer as ‘Far-Right.’

At no point, please note, has his rival in the presidential election been described by these media as ‘Far-Left.’ 

Hofer, in my view, and in the view of approximately half of his fellow-citizens, it seems, is an Austrian patriot who respects his country’s heritage and seeks to preserve it.

His ‘extreme’ views comprise giving voters their say via referenda and, shockingly, making the political in-crowd hold elections if they can’t get their act together.

referndmlet peole vote

In other words, Hofer believes in democracy.  

Story image for van der bellen policies from euronews Van der Bellen


His opponent, Van der Bellen, is a Green, a ‘green fascist,’ some say, noticing the reality that fascism was always a socialist heresy, because he has openly boasted how he would, if elected President of Austria, use his powers to block an FPO government even if such a government were backed  by the electorate.


green party red

Van Bellen has also taken an extreme left stance on the crimmigrant issue, opposing efforts to limit the ‘asylum’ influx which has caused so much trouble in Austria.  


Yet not one of the big media outlets has dubbed him Far-Left?



The Lugenpresse, in the German language –  the Lying Press.