Mirror, Mirror…? My Heart Goes Out To Emily!

It’s a bright morning, but it IS morning, third black coffee so far, so nothing too serious to start.

I had quite a few nights in last week, a tad tedious but a fantastic way to save money. 

But most weeks I get out and about, and that oftimes begets a tough exercise in coming to terms with reality when I rise for brunch and take a gander at the tell-tale mirror.



So, quite contrary to my headline above, my heart doesn’t REALLY go out too far to Emily.

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski says her good looks have caused psychological suffering her whole life…

Poor wee lassie! Chivalry requires a compassionate response!
As noted here from time to time, I still have vacancies some mornings for somebody to do my ironing.
Now, Emily, THAT would be a serious, indeed, a demanding role indeed.
If you’re interested in landing it, please use my comments column to get in touch!