De-Wowsering Jakarta? Ahok, Alkohol and Anti-Miras!


In Australia, it is a derogatory word denoting a person who saps all the fun out of any given situation. Derived from the temperance movement….


Wowser Wasters! Islamists pouring perfectly good beer down the drain
 Some very confusing media reports floating around our fine city, with WNJ What’s New Jakarta | Jakarta Events Calendar, Expats & Guide saying that soon a new golden age will dawn with beer once more on sale in mini-marts after long boring months, a year or so, I guess, of petty prohibition.
Yet other people are warning Governor Ahok that he lacks the legal power to implement such a common sense reform.
The Guv has his faults….
  • ahok Ahok
…but when he averred that beer should be sold in minimarts…Ahok: Seharusnya Bir Bisa Dijual di Minimarket …surely most sane Jakartans cheered.
Yet I think What’s New Jakarta is jumping the gun.
Ahok has been accused of not understanding the law ( in which case he’s not alone – very few rational people understood why such a mean-spirited crack-down was ever imposed on the cheerful capital)
But quotes that noisy lady, Fahira Idris, an anti-booze activist who chairs Genam – that’s the National Movement Anti Miras (miras is short for minuman keras – strong drink, a category in which she apparently includes beer!)



 Ms. Fahira Idris, the Anti-Alcohol Gal. She’s kinda cute, but not my type, nor I hers, I’ll bet!


Fahira reckons Ahok erred on the facts because he has a lot of problems and is therefore unfocused.
She added that “Regulation 06/2015 is still in force. This means that in every mini-market in Indonesia it’s illegal to sell alcohol.”
Now, despite her headscarf, I believe that Fahira is not motivated by the intolerant sectarian arrogance behind certain other elements that have long wanted to outlaw amber nectar.
IslamoNazis, for instance, appear to think that because they are religiously obliged to stay dry, all the rest of us else have to sling that abstinence albatross around our necks too.
‘Okay, guys, let’s start swigging, fast!’
Fahira, in contrast, comes across as genuinely convinced that drinking is just bad, for you, for me, for society.
But her logic seems faulty. .

Fahira revealed that Article 46 states “any person or entity is prohibited from distributing, storing and selling alcoholic beverages without the permission of the competent authority in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.’

If that’s the case, then Ahok, as Jakarta’s Governor, the competent authority, may bring the city back to its senses.

Or maybe not – he has no majority on the city council, which has an awful array of fanatics among its ranks‘You’re Only An Adult! It’s Past Your Bedtime!’ Jakarta Rules, OK? 

Fahira seems to think Ahok’s musings make people anxious.

Actually, the long trek to big shopping ccntres since mini-marts stopped selling what I want has made me anxious from time to time. She also has a strange notion that the ban was imposed because minimarts are all located in settlements..

By that, I guess, she means residential areas. 

Which is where beer is required. Otherwise we need to make those long journeys. But there’s no end to the lady’s belly-aching.

Bellicose belly-aching, at that. .

“If you still insist, we’ll fight. So do not try… “

But Jakarta’s IslamoNazis are also up in arms over the issue.

Those intolerants want beer to vanish from the shelves of the big supermarkets too!

Where the heck would we go then?

Shoe-shops? Barber-shops?

Actually, that latter is no bad idea – a frosty lager while the tukang ramput is giving you a short-back-and-sides? 

Or how about department stores?


Those delightful assistants are at least as fetching as the bar-maids who were pouring for me last night!

But we can look at the white-shirt gangster group’s take on the problem later today, or tomorrow….

Last word to the Jakarta Post, which proclaims the Ahok reform as a done deal –

…but then breaks our hearts by adding that the mini-marts have not acted on it yet! Their excuse is that management hasn’t sent out instructions.

Or perhaps somebody at head office is scared that IslamoNazi gangsters will resort to their usual cowardly ‘sweeping’ – mob invasions – to intimidate their staff.

Since many mini-mart staff are slightly-built young ladies, that’s exactly the kind of target these kind of thugs prefer.