Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy!

The dignified and gracious conduct of the FPO’s Herr Hofer after his incredibly narrow defeat in Austria’s presidential election commands respect and demonstrates his commitment to democracy.


“We should all pull together,” Norbert Hofer said at a Freedom party (FPÖ) meeting in Vienna on Tuesday. “There are no signs of electoral fraud.”

Passions can run high in any election but once the dust settles, Hofer’s words exemplify how citizens who care for their country ought to behave, unless there’s clear proof of electoral malpractice, such as that facilitated by multiculturalism in Britain’s cities.

London Cops – Undesirable Alien Voting Fraud Untouchable? 

“Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” 

What a contrast to the brazen contempt for democratic principle expressed by that EurocRat in Brussels! 

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, made clear at the weekend that Norbert Hofer would have been frozen out of EU decision-making if he had been elected president of Austria. “There is no debate or dialogue with the far-right,” Mr Juncker said.

If that’s what he said, he maybe knows a little on every subject but not much at all about the role of presidents in most European republics.

What a wally!

Can any readers tell me the names of the German or Italian or Greek Presidents?

An Unholy Cultural Marxist Trinity  – Mama Stasi, Tsipras, Renzi


We all know Mama Stasi Merkel, and the two reds in Rome and Athens, Renzi and Tsipras, but even though I read a lot every day about Europe, I can’t off-hand recall the names of those three countries’ heads of state. Only France, of major European states, has a powerful executive presidency.  

Herr Hofer, like most other presidents, would not have been much into ‘EU decision-making’ -that’s the Austrian Chancellor’s job.  

Herr Hofer, had he won, would have made speeches and attended functions, and by wisely using those opportunities, have helped propel his friend, the FPO leader Herr Strache….


Oesterreich Wahlen


… via the next parliamentary elections, towards the Kanzlerei.

But then it would have been Hofer’s role to step back and let the new chancellor get on with squaring up to Brussels.

Liar Juncker used a dissimulative scenario, a ‘straw man’ tactic, purely to vent his demophobic spleen at the rising tide of popular resistance. 



The EU will isolate and use sanctions against any far-right or populist governments that are swept to power or presidential office on the wave of popular anger against migration.

jean-claude-juncker-2006- Lying Luxemburger Louse Juncker often had to lie  because economic policy was too important to be discussed in public… ‘ He apparently prefers ‘deep and dark debates,’

The swine recently issued a stark warning to every patriot in Europe!

“If you are listening to your national opinion you are not developing what should be a common European sense…”

elite arrogance-s

Crawling to crimmigrants, this cop-out creep coins it in, salary beyond most honest working people’s wildest dreams, his expenses alone enough to keep many families in comfort….

Gambar kisah untuk jet juncker brussels, strasbourg dari EU Force One: Juncker commutes to Strasbourg by private jet

…and he has a private EUSSR jet to ensure he doesn’t need to mingle with those awful, common, normal people who love their countries.

All that money and he won’t do the job he was appointed (not elected!) to do?

His duty as a bureaucrat is to work with the elected representatives of the citizens of every land, and in particular with their governments.

Instead we get this lofty disdain for democracy!


If they DARE elect a government with an ideology distasteful to this decadent elitist ass, hell mend ’em.

No dialogue – he won’t even speak to their democratically elected representatives.

No debate – he can’t refute the patriot case, so he won’t risk having to defend his dead-beat supranational dogma in honest argument.

This uppity flunkey needs to be told he’s paid from the public purse, He’s a mere servant of the people, not a master of the universe.


Firing’s too good for him.

Tarring and feathering sounds an appealing alternative.