Petition for Brit Patriots – Keep The Referendum Clean!


Having touched on the issue of voting fraud more than once…

London Cops – Undesirable Alien Voting Fraud Untouchable? 

“Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” seems I’m not alone in my concerns.




Camoron has made it clear he will lie, cheat and resort to every dirty trick in the book, so fervent is his desperation to keep Britannia enchained to the Fourth Reich his EuroCommissar comrades are intent on building.  


Britannia sad


And you can bet his Remainiac running-dogs at local level will be emulating his amoral example. So let’s turn the spotlight on yet another way the bad element can achieve their objective.  


Require proof of identity to be provided by all voters in the EU Referendum.

More examples have been found of blatant fraud at polling stations where people who have turned up to vote are turned away having been marked as “already voted.”


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Oh, and here’s Better Off Out’s latest bulletin. 

Better Off Out Campaign Update
Better Off Out Campaign Update 27 May
Those of you who are seeking leaflets to deliver to the public or use at street stalls should contact:
Brendan Chilton at Labour Leave on
Vote Leave via
Two important messages before mentioning what we have done this week:
1. If you need to REGISTER TO VOTE FOR THE EU REFERENDUM, please do so NOW. It can be done very easily online HERE. If you need a POSTAL VOTE, PLEASE REGISTER NOW. You can do so by taking the steps outlined HERE.
2. There are less than 30 days to go. We are thinking about the referendum day and ways of getting out the vote. If you can help in the GOTV project on the day, please do email me at with ‘GOTV’ in the subject line and details of where you live and what you can do (such as whether you have a car that can drive supporters to the polls) in the body of the email. To win this we need to work together on the ground.
Campaign update:
This week our podcast follows Better Off Out on trips to Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Essex that we made in March. We take in a varied batch of incidents, ranging from prehistoric megaliths, to a Dark Age warrior king and a very modern cream tea. You can listen to it HERE.
Our most recent briefing paper looks at the UK’s “Soft Power” reach in the world and why this makes us certain of a flourishing future post-Brexit. You can read it HERE.

We also have a pair of campaign T-shirts that you can buy from Tboom Tshirts. The “logo T-shirt” can be found HERE. The “Britty Brexit” T-shirt is HERE. At only £10 they are a bargain, and a fun way to show your support for Brexit.
We continue to produce our weekly news digest of EU Referendum events, produced in conjunction with our sister organisation The Freedom Association. If you would like to receive this free service, please send an email to my colleague Tom Bayley on with “Four4Freedom mailing” in the title field.
Of course, all this activity costs money. If you would like to make a donation to support Better Off Out and its campaign, please send a cheque payable to “Better Off Out” to us at:
Better Off Out,
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Many thanks, and good luck on the campaign trail.
Rory Broomfield
Better Off Out