Red Russell Rails At ‘Dangerous’ Donald – MORE EuroNews Bias!


EuroNews bias was yet again on display this week, a preview, short, thanks be, of their ‘Global Conversation,’ with some American pinko named Russell Banks.


He was obviously a pinko, otherwise why would Euronews have him on? But one must be fair, so, never having heard of the man, I had a glance at wikipedia

There I got the gist of his character, a leftist, yes, with that characteristic race-obsession  -‘I’m a white man in a white-dominated, racialized society ‘


Bleating bolshie Banks


…but a damned lazy leftist who once had the “intention of joining Fidel Castro’s insurgent army in Cuba”  but instead wound up working in a department store in Lakeland, Florida



Russell’s red hero


..later, he was ‘involved’ with the notorious Students for a Democratic Society, a nasty marxist gang…

Hasil gambar untuk students for a democratic society 1970

….who did all they could to undermine the war effort during the struggle to save South Vietnam from Communism.


And anyone who’d dismiss his anti-democracy activity as merely a youthful folly should turn to the World Socialist Website, a Trotkyist source, true, but, on this issue, factually accurate, and read how Russell Banks disdained the cause of the Charlie Hebdo martyrs.




..Russell Banks and 143 other writers protest free speech award for Charlie Hebdo

, tic

A perfect choice for Euronews’ “Global Conversation.” And here’s an extract from the notes I made whilst listening to that ‘conversation’ a couple of mornings ago.


‘How dangerous is Donald Trump,‘ the lisping Euronews hackette begins.

Not ‘What do you think of Donald Trump?

Or even ‘Do you think Donald Trump’s dangerous?

No, in the Euronews bint’s narrow mind, his danger is already clear and present, beyond debate, leaving only its extent to discuss. 

‘How dangerous!’ As leading a question as she could make it.

‘He’s a maniac,’ came the Castro-fan’s reply.

Brussels must have been overjoyed at Russell’s gibbering on their Pravda-clone programme.

Which you, dear reader, if you live in an EUSSR member-state, are subsidising with your taxes.  

EuroNews Biased Snout – Deep In Tax-Payers’ Pockets! 

Will Euronews EVER have a pro-Trump personality join their inane chat-show?

Will any Euronews hack or hackette ever start an ‘interview’ by asking a conservative American HOW DANGEROUS that wicked witch Hillary Clinton really is?



Don’t hold yer breath!