Words of Hope Tour! A Chance To Do Your Bit for Brit Freedom!

And here’s more ways you can fight for Britain’s liberation, courtesy of Leave EU

Calling all Supporters!

We are about to kick off a campaigning tour around the country and need your help.

We need as many people as possible for a group photo holding large letters to spell out a positive word, ‘FREEDOM’ for example, in front of a landmark. This idea is inspired by what Dutch campaigners did in their recent referendum and I have attached a photo to give you an idea on what we are going to do. This photo will then be appearing in your local paper with hopefully a positive article written by the Leave.EU press office on why we should leave.

Emails have been sent out to several group leaders but the more involvement the better!

We are looking to be in these areas on the following dates:

Wednesday 1st June | Bristol 
Thursday 2nd June | Worthing
Friday 3rd June | Ashford & Ramsgate
Saturday 4th June | Colchester
Monday 6th June | Norwich
Tuesday 7th June | Peterborough
Wednesday 8th June | Grantham
Thursday 9th June | Leeds
Friday 10th June | Doncaster
Saturday 11th June | Hull & Grimsby
Tuesday 14th June | Newcastle
Thursday 16th June | Blackpool & Preston
Friday 17th June | Manchester
Saturday 18th June | Wolverhampton
more dates to be added…
Could you give your support and get involved in this photo op?

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Group Support Team

For more information about this event and any others please contact: 0800 999 4210 or email: Oliverc@Leave.EU