DW V Trump – Lugenpresse, Noch Einmal!

I knew it was too good to last!
Only a few hours ago, I commended a couple of stories in Deutsche Welle…   …and here we are already, an article about Donald Trump that  starts off with a grotesque…what, a distortion?
Truth instead of Lying Media
No. let’s be unequivocal, a lie, worthy of inclusion among German patriots’ catalogue of Lugenpresse – ‘Lying Media’ – mendacities. 

Donald Trump wants to keep immigrants out of the US.

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No love lost in Lewis for Trump’s Scottish roots

Deutsche Welle28 May
Those are the opening words of an article about The Donald, which continues snidely implying that  the prospective Republican presidential nominee appears to have conveniently forgotten his own roots.
Firstly, Trump does NOT want to keep immigrants out of the USA. His big issue is something entirely different, as we all know. keeping ILLEGALS out!
Decent immigrants, including many Hispanics, understand this. They wait their turn, get their green cards or whatever.
Thus, from the get-go, they RESPECT America.
The lousy crimmigrants sneak in, defying the law.
Thus from the moment they cross the border, they are declaring their contempt for the country they invade.
And what a lot of rot to accuse Trump of having ‘conveniently forgotten’ that his forebears migrated, in his case from the Scots island of Lewis.
Everyone in the USA is descended from people who didn’t live there, and that actually includes the Indians, whose ancestors came across the Bering Straits from Siberia.  
Trump has visited Scotland, of course, but doesn’t make a fetish of it, unlike some of the ghastly Kennedy Klan…
Murder-gang leader Adams with Night-Swimmer Kennedy
….who saw electoral advantage in cultivating the worst elements among the ‘Irish-American’ population.  
There’s no excuse for the clown who wrote that crock of BS.
It’s simple DW bias, Lugenpresse extraordinaire.