Peterborough, Leeds, London – More Meetings for Freedom-Fighters!

As usual, unable to be over there in The Old Country, I do what I can by publicising the opportunities for those within sight and sound of battle!


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Churchill’s famous V for Victory!

1 June – Leeds:
Nigel Farage MEP (Ukip) and Cllr. Brendan Chilton (Labour Leave).
6.30-7.30 PM. Leeds United Centenary Pavilion Suite, Lowfields Rd. Leeds LS11 0ES.
Tickets: June – Kingsgate: 
Nigel Farage MEP (Ukip), Patrick O’Flynn MEP (Ukip), and Cllr. Brendan Chilton (Labour Leave).
6.30-7.30 PM. Kingsgate Conference Centre, 2 Staplee Way, Parnwell, Peterborough PE1 4YT. 
Tickets: Through London

11 June March for Independence
We have stumbled across a march for Independence taking place in London, and we would encourage all of our supporters to go along and take part. The more people that attend these events, the more impact we will have and the more press it will attract.

  • june 23
  • The meeting point is outside the Royal Albert Hall. The march will commence at 12pm. It will then head to Buckingham palace and then along to Westminster, ending up in Trafalgar Square. Please come along and wear your leave T-shirts with pride!