Asia’s Next Top Model? Menurut Aku, Patricia!

Zooming out to the post office soon, and I will not be home till late tonight – yes, another party!



Hence I will miss the grand final of ‘Asia’s Next Top Model,’ which I have been sporadically observing for a month or two.

My original favourite was May from Myanmar, but she fell by the wayside. Another cutie was Julian from The Philippines, who lasted a little longer.

But the two Indonesian girls were always in the running too.

———————–Aldila and Patricia


A fetching pair of fillies, indeed, both very impressive, but I have always thought that Patricia Gunawan is made of the right stuff  to take the title.

She has flair. 


She is unusually shapely for a model.

Although these Asian girls were all much more alluring than the stick-insectesses who stroll Western cat-walks, some of them definitely needed more fish n chips wrapped up in their daily bread.

Alas, that masakan surga ( heavenly dish) which can do wonders to improve even the skinniest of frames, is found in its truly perfect form only in the British Isles and Australia! 


Fish and chips – masakan surga


Anyway, I reckon Patricia ought to win.

However, some of the judges who have appeared were downright awful, even shouting obnoxiously at the lasses, and clearly view their merits from angles startlingly different from mine.

So who knows? 

Ayo, Patricia.