For USA Readers – Petition Against Target Trans Nonsense!

Since I’ve been asked to help, I oblige, by posting this appeal to my American readers. 


American Family Association

Next Wednesday, June 8, the American Family Association will attend the annual shareholder meeting for Target Corporation.

As a proxy attendee, your AFA will personally address the Board of Directors and thousands of shareholders on behalf of 1.3 million people who have signed the pledge to boycott Target stores until the company makes the safety of women and children a priority.

Just like you, I believe Target’s policy of allowing men to follow women and children into women’s restrooms and dressing rooms is just plain wrong.

If you haven’t yet signed the online pledge to boycott Target stores, I’m making this personal appeal for you to sign the petition today!

It would be a great encouragement to know you are with us, as we stand before Target’s corporate chairman…in person!

After the meeting next week, I’ll send you a special report and let you know how Target responds.

Please, your signature is extremely important to helping convince Target to stop letting men into women’s rooms in their stores.

Thank you in advance for adding your name to the petition. Together, and with God’s help, we are making a difference.


Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association