Kick These Turk SOBs Out of Germany!


As you can see, that’s Germany’s impressive Parliament building, the famous Reichstag, but as you can also see, those flags are not German but Turkish.

But they are carried by ‘Turks in Germany!’ That’s how even Euronews just described them, and most media report also report in the same terms.

Turkish people who live in Germany stand up to protest the voting of So Called Armenian Genocide by Federal German Parliament on June 2… approximately 2 thousand Turkish citizens will join the demonstration, organized by Turkish-German Solidarity Platform.

Turks in German standing for So-Called Armenian Genocide

The real issue is not whether those Armenian deaths were genocide or just another sectarian massacre, though personally I hope the German MPs pass a ‘genocide’ motion – it will upset that swine Erdogan!

But the BIG question is surely – 

Who the HELL do these arrogant SOBs think they are?

If they are ‘Turkish citizens’ then they are guests in Germany, so have NO right to tell their host nation’s elected representatives how to vote on any issue whatsoever.

If they are German citizens of Turkish origin, then they should not be protesting on behalf of a foreign government against their own.

It’s hardly the first evidence of subversive disloyalty we’ve seen.

 –Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 


Why do Western governments tolerate such insufferable uppity aliens to dwell in their countries?


  • Behead-Prophet
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Britain and Australia have the same problem, undesirable savages seeking to bend government to their wills, witness backward brutes like those in that photo, slobbering to introduce barbaric shariah law.


These people are not in any sense German, or British, or Australian.


  • out with them
  • Guests who can’t mind their manners should be shown the door!

If they have gotten their glabrous hands on passports, their citizenship should be revoked, followed by rapid deportation to places they’ll feel more at home.

If they are of foreign nationality, send them packing.