UK Running Patriots V EU Running Dogs, 12th June!

It’s never a good idea to spurn the use of a good pejorative merely because somebody on the other side used it first.

Like many university students in the 1960s, I read Mao’s Little Red Book, not, like my marxist class-mates, because I was in adulatory mode but because I wanted to know what the evil old mass-murdering communist was all about.




One thing I realised back then was that the Maoists were perfectly happy to deploy rhetorical abuse that long pre-dated their horrid ideology.  

…the OED says the use of the term “running dog” by the Communists is derived from zougou, a Chinese term for a hunting dog (from zou, to run, and gou, dog).

The dictionary says the Chinese used the term figuratively in the “18th cent. or earlier in political contexts” to refer to a “servile follower, lackey.”

In the 20th century, according to Oxford, the Chinese Communists used the term for “a person who is subservient  to a foreign power…”




The current Battle of Britain is very much a war against Remainiac running dogs, aka Europhiliacs, subservient to a foreign power, aka Brussels.

Those heroic Brits zealously fighting Camoron ….



….are engaged in what that retired spy chief last month defined as a ‘populist uprising,’ a patriotic people in revolt against the anti-democratic arrogance of the EUSSR ruling class.  

Hence this reminder, from LeaveEU, that everyone in the UK has an opportunity, on June 12th, to break sweat for freedom!

Running in this event shows you won’t bow down to the running dogs of the supranational elite!


Join a host of famous faces in raising awareness of why Britain should vote to LEAVE the European Union on June 23rd. Come along to our event to hear some inspiring speeches, take part in our 1km walk, 5km run or simply support our runners by wearing your freedom run T-shirts. Everyone is welcome!
  • Help us demonstrate the importance of freedom for Britain
  • Help us distribute a million leaflets in one day
  • Help us inform the British public of the facts
  • Help us obtain media coverage
  • 10.30am  Gates open
  • 11.00am  Sporting hero speeches
  • 11.45pm  Warm up
  • 12.00pm  5km run commences
  • 01.00pm  1km walk commences
  • 01.45pm  Political figure speeches
NB: Free onsite parking and refreshments are available to purchase.
If you are unable to make this event then why not set up your own freedom run/ walk in your local town? Purchase one of our t-shirts here and contact us with the details of your event –