Exposed! EU-Funded BBC’s EU-Funded Prof!

The fact that the laughably ill-named ‘British’ Broadcasting Corporation has long had its dirty snout dipped deep in the EUSSR trough is no secret. 

The millions in EU funding the BBC tried to hide |


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  • Now as Brits prepare to vote in their historic referendum, we see the ‘B’BC presenting an EUSSR-funded professor as an ‘independent’ academic,

 “…Professor Catherine Barnard was then presented as an impartial expert from Cambridge University when in fact she is a Jean Monnet Chair of EU law and as such has a strong vested interest in a remain vote…”

UKIP’s Patrick O’Flynn MEP reckons viewers should have been told that, by the EuroCommissars’ own definition, ‘the Jean Monnet Chairs form a powerful network of credible ambassadors for European integration.’


We most of us are well aware that Jean Monnet is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the Brussels supranational grand design.

He was a contemptible man, who hated and feared the common people. He was desperate to keep them in the dark about what he and his ilk were up to.




No sooner had Hitler’s Third Reich version of European Union crashed and burned than the oily French Founder of the European Movement was hard at work on a Fourth Reich, as dismissive of democracy as the Third.

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  • Jean Monnet
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  • We quoted his words only last week.
“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening.

This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”

  Jean Monnet, .

Being a fair-minded fellow, I figured some extra digging into the Monnet largesse-recipients was appropriate.

As a result, I learned that many of these lucky scholars ( 50,000 euros!)  when asked about their indoctrination role….



Mandy Rice-Davies – Wikiquote


….have, in the spirit of Mandy Rice-Davies (‘Well, they would, wouldn’t they?’) denied it!  But their denials are pretty unconvincing!

Here’s an extract from an article about their rebuttal of Brexit claims not long ago – 

EU guidelines on applying for the chairs do not appear to explicitly dictate what political slant applicants must have, although a handbook describes one of the aims of the Jean Monnet programme as to create “increased interest in understanding and participating in the European Union…”

an essay written in 2014 by Joseph Weiler, a Jean Monnet chaired professor at New York University law school… stated that “part of our mission as [a] Jean Monnet Professor is to disseminate the values of European integration.” 


Professor J.H.H. Weiler

The EU Commission “think of us openly as intellectual ambassadors of the Union and its values”, he wrote in The Future of EU Studies, a report of the 2014 Jean Monnet conference.

“Most of us become Jean Monnet professors because, in complicated ways, we believe in European integration,” he wrote. “It is not only a professional commitment to many of us, but also a kind of credo; for example, when the European Union is criticised, our instinct is to defend it.”

O’Flynn learned of Barnard’s “secret identity” – secret in that a highly relevant fact was kept from viewers…

Prof. Barnard  – maybe impartial, but why did BBC hide her Monnet money?


….and excoriated the Broadcasting House Enemy Within for their slanting of the ‘news’ programme.

“This was not just bad broadcasting, it was biased broadcasting. The whole item was fundamentally unbalanced….”


You can read the full story on UKIP’s own website – the biased bigotry of the BBC went a lot further than the above – but I hope you spread this report.

It seems very few of the other UK media have picked it up, but Brit voters MUST be made aware of this poisonous propaganda agency’s twisted agenda.

If they are, they’ll surely concur with Patrick O’Flynn.. .




“I am appalled by this blatantly biased item on the BBC’s flagship early evening news programme.

“I demand that this evening’s edition of the programme acknowledges that Prof Barnard’s vested interest should have been declared, that a balancing expert to make the case that lower food prices would follow should have been found and that the BBC addresses the other flaws in the piece too.”

And did the BBC meet O’Flynn’s justified demand?


Don’t hold yer breath!

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