‘Offended’ By Crusaders? Shape Up or Ship Out!

One does become fatigued with constant foot-stamping by whiners about how British people live in Britain, whether about their children’s liking for pork in school dinners or for piglet pictures in kindergarten books. 


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  • Are the whiners really so easily ‘offended’ by aspects of the country which they or their parents should surley have known of, when they chose to settle there?
  • But if Islamists  – or anyone else  –  feel ‘offended’ by reminders of the country’s heroic history, in this current case the English role in the Liberation Wars known as Crusades, then they don’t deserve the privilege of living in England.



Or indeed in France, whose Christian soldiers also served in those ferocious campaigns about a thousand years ago to free the Holy Land from Saracen invaders.

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  • But there’s something much more offensive than those splendid Crusader outfits sported by English soccer fans, for the forthcoming European Championship games in France.

It’s the BBC’s iWonder website, which  has questioned whether the outfits are appropriate given that “crusaders were the perpetrators of violent attacks on Muslims…”    http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/you-re-offending-muslims-english-crusaders-warned-0xs0msdtb

All the Middle East back then had been subjugated by violent attacks, by Islamic armies. Crusaders went there to undo that subjugation.  

How the French respond to this kind of typical BBC cr%p is up to them, but England is a Christian country, HM The Queen the head of its Established Church.

So every Englishman and Englishwoman is fully entitled to take pride in their forebears’ exploits in those brave attempts to roll back Islamic aggression.  

Just look at the map of caliphate expansion.




Had the Crusaders succeeded in rolling back those invaders, back into the Arabian Peninsula whence they had originally emerged, there might well be no ISIS holed up in Syria and Iraq, nor Hamas in Gaza.

And Libya might never have become a base for crimmigrant incursions!

Who knows for sure, but…

Those warriors of old did their best.



Nice to see today’s footie fans retain a healthy spirit of Englishry.