So Much For Saturday! Jim Beam, Marxists and Mutants!

Well, so much for Saturday night!

I ran into major computer problems on Friday night, having installed a new anti-virus because the laptop was running as slow as David Camoron’s gob when asked to give a straight answer

Suddenly, the whole thing went blank- darkness was upon the face of the blog.

I began my repair work at 1am and finally got to bed at 4am!

So when I rose yesterday,to make myself a brunch of pork and beans, it was near enough noon, and it seemed folly to contemplate going out on the town, as originally intended.

I’d smsed a few people about a special ‘all-the-cocktails-u-can-drink’ event, but nobody had firmed up.

I don’t do dilatory, so stayed home.

——– .


My voluntarily housebound status was rewarded with the opportunity to watch the new Outcast! series, a possession horror set in West Virginia, which seems promising.

And after that there was the new ‘Wayward Pines 2,’ as its predecessor a bit illogical, but lots of action as a doc is kidnapped and transported into a future marxist-type police state, surrounded by ravening mutants.

a marxist or a mutant?


  • Not much to choose between marxists and mutants in terms of evil, but the muties at least have the excuse of relapsed brain development.


Around 10.30pm, one of my pals texted me to say she’d had to wait 45 minutes to get her first drink at the ‘cocktail’ do, so I had made the right decision to stay indoors with my buddy Mr. Jim Beam.

Hence today, indolence.



But no sunshine to bathe in.