Austria Echoes Australia’s Sanity on Crimmigrants!

Asylum seekers to the European Union should be held on islands rather than be allowed direct access to the continent, Austria’s foreign minister has said.

  • Kurz slams single sex courses for refugees

Sebastian Kurz


As long as they’re desert islands, like Britain’s Rockall, so no decent people are subjected to the risks presented by alien undesirables, why not!

Yes, I know Rockall’s too small, and the Austrian’s looking at the Med, but I’m sure there are sufficient numbers of similarly desolate places down there.


Rockall, but pity the seagulls!


If sufficiently draconian conditions are imposed, that should motivate wannabe welfare parasites quickly to revise their plans and return to whence they came.  

We’ve had cause to look at Herr Sebastian Kurz’s views before, when, concerned about the ‘asylum’ horde descending on Austria, he spoke out against backward shariah sex-apartheid thinking..

Segregated ‘Integration’ Classes! An Asinine Austrian Approach! 

Now, again, he’s talking sound sense, proposing Europe should follow the “Australian example” to discourage migrants from setting out on the often perilous journey to Europe.

Alas, the pro-crimmigrant media can’t keep their bias out of news reports, witness the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya web-rag from which we’re taking this story.


Unable to differentiate between opinion and fact, it rants on about Australia’s harsh and much-criticized immigration policy…

So stand by for Kurz to get crucified by his own country’s leftist  Lugenpresse hacks.

I don’t know how many of them are part of the Enemy Within…


…but it would be too much to hope that a lot of them might not easily fit into Australia’s ABC!


However, I reckon Kurz will get a rousing cheer from ordinary Austrian citizens!

And every decent person across the beleaguered Continent will surely echo his further call to sanity. viz., the EU should adopt a resolution whereby those who try to enter Europe illegally lose their right to demand asylum.

Now yer talkin, Mein Herr!