Hero Jadi Halal? Bacon Diusir?

gandacitr Citraland Mall


Unwilling to idle at home on the first day of Ramadhan, I duly went out to forage for lunch and thought to do a bit of shopping.

Shopping at Citraland is usually worth the effort, due to discounts, and, in Hero Supermarket, I was delighted to grab the last pack of 50% eggs.

But what does one most like to eat with eggs?



BACON, of course!,  


So off I wandered down to the meat sector.

Shock horror! The pork part had disappeared!

All other items were on display as always, beef, chicken, fish…but that counter at the far end was gone.

Now I know big stores enjoy shifting things around for no good reason, leaving regular customers baffled…

…so I searched about for piggy foods, to no avail. Then I returned to the meat area and asked the guy behind the counter.

“Is there bacon, pak?”

“No,” was the bapak’s laconic response. No explanation, no ‘sorry, mister,’ no more than a negative grunt.


What the Hell is Hero up to?

Grogol and Tanjung Duren, the areas adjacent to where it’s located, are cosmopolitan, loads of students from Trisakti University, a large ethnic Chinese population, as well, naturally, as many other Indonesians who have no sectarian hang-ups about pork. Its removal is a serious customer disservice.

Why has the pork disappeared?

Contact us – Hero Supermarket

An explanation, an apology, then prompt restoration are all very much in order!

Please demand them!