As Obama Bullies Schools, Jakarta Governor Bans Islamist Coercion!

It’s sickening to see American children being targetted by that Obama diktat demanding sexual aberrants be admitted to school-girls’ restrooms..


Freak Show – Don’t Let Clinton Continue Obama’s Evil! 

…so let’s not get on too high a horse about Indonesian school practices we deem inappropriate. 
But since I live in Indonesia, and have already written about the latest lurch towards Obamanisation in the USA, today I focus on my city of residence, and have to say… 

‘Good for Jakarta’s Governor Ahok!’

This past weekend he met with 1700 school principals and warned them to stop coercing their female students into head-scarves.

It turns out he issued the same ban during his time as head of the district of Belitung in the Bangka Belitung province in 2006. In Belitung, “93 percent of the students are Muslim.”


ahok Ahok

“All of a sudden, teachers made it compulsory for all [female] students to wear headscarves…”

He’s not always right…Aduh! Adieu Kali Jodo?…but basically he’s a good bloke…

Hurrah for Ahok – Jakarta Governor Speaks Up for Religious Liberty! 

…who has had to face vicious sectarian bigotry here in Jakarta, from the nastiest elements in the land.


  • devil destroyed
  • And not only the nastiest but the stupidest, jihadist jerks who are unable to distinguish between Christians and Jews!

Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 

“You may believe that headscarves will lead to salvation. I encourage you if you want to teach your students how to read the Koran. I will support you…




…But you can’t force female children to wear headscarves. I won’t argue it theologically, but please don’t force children like that..”

Yes, bullying in schools, especially dogma-driven bullying by teachers, is unpleasant.

But Ahok could of course have argued it theologically had he chosen to. His evidence would be, for a start, the sights he sees as he goes around the 90% Muslim capital city which he governs.

Here in Jakarta, scarfing is alas more common than it was when I arrived in Indonesia many years ago.

  • jilbabless

But on any given day, on the buses and other public transport I use, it’s uncommon to see a majority of women hiding the lovely hair God gave them.

The exceptions are when I board a bus that originates from Tangerang, one of the satellite cities where the most backward Islamist elements hold sway.


Mayor imposes Islamic dress code on state workers

Jakarta (AsiaNews/SCMP) – The mayor of Tangerang, a suburb of Jakarta, ordered all public employees to cover their heads and respect Islamic dress code on Fridays. 

Friday is the holy day for Muslims. Women will be asked to wear Islamic headscarves and long-sleeved shirts to cover their arms; men will have to wear Islamic loose-fitting shirts. The mayor’s spokesman, Achmad Chairuddin, told the Jakarta Post that “the new arrangement is a direct order from the mayor…Muslim dress reflects the municipality’s devout image.”  

Indonesian Pogrom Province’s Election Choice – Bigotry, Bigotry or Bigotry! 


Ahok could also point to various sources reported here on this blog over the years. 

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Then he added an encouraging anecdote from his days as head of local government in that distant island province…. 

“I don’t want [children to treat headscarves] like napkins. The second a student leaves the school ground and hop on her dad’s motorcycle she would take [the headscarf] off,” Ahok cited one example in Belitung.

…which goes to show that young people can and should make up their own minds, guided by caring parents.

The principle of school uniform has great merit, but not as a means of sectarian branding.