EuroCourt’s Dangerous Dementia – For God’s Sake, Vote Leave!


A statement of the obvious, you’d think, even to the un-elected robed rogues of the ECJ…

… but not any more… 

Migrants cannot be imprisoned just because they have entered a country illegally, Europe’s highest court has ruled…


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Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders Calais police

Brits please note, this is NOT the ECHR, but the ECJ, the European Court of (In-)Justice.
It’s an integral part of the Brussels supranational set-up, to which Camoron has kept UK law subordinate by his slavish sell-out deal aka ‘re-negotiation.’
I just heard EuroNews’s lisping news-bint gloatingly announcing this latest madness, saying how what she delicately described as ‘so-called illegal immigrants‘ – aka wannabe crimmigrant parasites – may not be detained but instead must first be politely ‘invited’ to leave!
june 23
Well, Brits, don’t wait for a similar polite invitation from the EuroCommissars.