Volunteer! For The War of British Liberation!

Well, only a day  or so after I urged Brits to waste no time registering for their vote in the referendum, the registration site crashed under the weight of applications!

So now you have until midnight on Thursday 9th June.



No matter who you are, or where you live, YOU can help regain Britain’s freedom.

Here’s how!


As we move towards the ‘Get out the vote’ phase of the EU referendum campaign, the Campaign Manager of Better Off Out, Rupert Matthews, will be working for Grassroots Out. Click here to offer assistance, which would be greatly appreciated. Ways you could help include:
  • Deliver some ‘Leave’ campaign leaflets locally
  • Put up a poster during the referendum
  • Provide a lift to the polling station for elderly or disabled supporters
  • Help with some door-to-door surveying of voters
  • Telephone a few voters to ask their opinions
  • Help organise a small fundraising event locally
  • Make a donation