Bacon Diusir Cuma Dari Hero Citraland?

Unwilling to be unfair to Hero, I used my meanders around Jakarta this week to see if other branches have dissed pork-fans in the high-handed manner of their Citraland branch.

Hero Jadi Halal? Bacon Diusir? 


And they haven’t.

Both at Puri Indah and Sarinah, non-halal shoppers are properly catered for by Hero management.

So how come their Citraland branch is so indifferent to people who like bacon with their eggs…




….or a nice pork chop for dinner?

I did send off a polite but indignant enquiry to their central customer service officers, but no reply as yet.

Let’s keep up the pressure till they do their job and get porcine products back on the shelves.  

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