Crazy! Terror Pig Loses Citizenship, But NOT Deported?

There’s absolutely no argument over the wisdom of the decision to strip a certain Islamist pig of his Danish citizenship – he’s a convicted terrorist.   Supreme Court strips terrorist of Danish citizenship

But if you’re reading quietly along with other sane people reading the same news, there will assuredly be a sudden crash, the sound of jaws dropping in dismay and disgust, as it transpires that the filthy alien savage may not, after all, be deported back to his native Morocco.

From what the cur, Said Mansour, says himself, there are excellent reasons to boot him back to where he came from. He has said that he “will be executed” if he is returned to Morocco …
The sooner the better, if Morocco knows better than the foul slugs on the European Court how to handle blood-thirsty  sectarians.
Let’s make sure he soon resembles that copy of Webster’s Dictionary which, according to the famous song, was Morocco-Bound!
But not so, we learn…
the Supreme Court acknowledged on Wednesday that the terrorist might not be kicked out of Denmark..
It’s possible that Mansour will remain in Denmark under the scheme known as tålt ophold, or ‘tolerated stay’, in which foreigners are allowed to remain in the country due to dangerous conditions or threats to their safety in their homelands.
For God’s Sake!
He’s  not some Yazidi girl facing a nightmare threat of being sent back to the ISIS rape-gang.
Said Mansour is a terrorist!
As such, he deserves to be put to death.
Decent Danes, like decent people in every country, would cheer were he strung up or ordered to face a firing squad.
Aaah, but that’s the trouble!
Decent people get no say in the matter, just as they got no say when capital punishment was abolished.
And even were Danes, or Brits, or any of the historic nations of Europe, to be given a vote on the issue, and even if they voted by 99% for the return of punishment that fits the crime…
dignif elite arrogance-s
Democracy would be dismissed with crass contempt, because any country subordinate to Brussels is forbidden from enacting such a measure, no matter what that country’s people think, feel, want or vote.
As our illustration reminds us, yet again!
june 23