Leave EU Or LEAD Europe? Brits Can Do Both!

“It’s now or never,” Eurosceptic French MP and 2017 presidential candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

Frankly, I was unaware of this splendid gent, and had never heard of his party, Debout la France, until I read in The Local that if Brits succeed in liberating their realm via Brexit, a Frexit could well be on the cards across the Channel. 



Debout la France   France Arise  – it has good fraternal relations with UKIP!


But he certainly talks a lot of sense.


“The British have an historic chance to escape from prison and when you see a prison door open up, you have to get out.”

 A good analogy, given the distaste for dissent, and democracy, that characterises the Euro-Commissars, especially Liar Juncker  and his multicultist Dutch chum Timmerman.

Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 


Nicolas Dupont-Aignan 11-09-2011.jpg French patriot, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan


“The French will be able to see that the UK will not be hit by catastrophe once it leaves the EU. It won’t be the apocalypse. Norway is not living in an apocalypse, Switzerland is not living in poverty.

Too true! 

“Britain was the first democracy in the EU and they are always giving us lessons, so it’s no surprise they go first,” Dupont Aignan said.



“And when the French get the same vote one day, there’s no doubt they will vote to leave the EU,” he added.   


Read that article!

It gives us stats on how loathing of the louche elite is rising all across Europe. .. 61 percent of the French public now have an unfavourable opinion of the EU…. 49 percent of Spanish and 48 percent of Germans.



  • As for the Greeks, garotted by Brussels pour encouragez les autres, there’s a splendid  71 percent having an unfavourable view.

Let’s not forget that most Brexiteers almost certainly share my love of Europe, the real Europe, NOT the EUSSR, which is relentlessly warring down all the traditional values on which European greatness was built.

So when you Brits back home wake up on 23rd June to cast your votes, walk tall and proud to the polling station.


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  • Because far from being ‘quitters,‘ as Camoron insulted supporters of deliverance, you who vote ‘Leave EU’ are champions of all the patriots in all the European lands which suffer beneath the supranational yoke.