Mein Gott! Boot These Tantrum-Brat Arsonists OUT!

I was about to post on a Ramadhan experience I had this week in Jakarta, when this popped up in the news search. 

A refugee camp in Germany was burned down by migrants amid claims they were angry they had not received a wake-up for Ramadan …

Refugee camp in Dusseldorf is burned down by migrants 

I’m no theologist but assume that last bit refers to Hell.

But surely arsonists belong there?


….there was one group that wanted to strictly observe the fast, and another that insisted on the usual timetables and usual servings,’ said Ralf Herrenbrueck, spokesman for the prosecutors service. ‘This had led on several occasions to disputes and altercations with officials of the German Red Cross,’ he said… 

‘It got to the point where threats were made over what would happen if things didn’t change, and that one threat was obviously implemented.’

Let’s be honest, Germans must be out of their minds if they provide board and lodgings  – oh yeah, and don’t forget the pocket-money – to ungrateful, unwelcome tantrum-brat arsonists of this ilk.


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And telling them there’s no more such tax-funded largesse to be had is not enough.

out with them


The swine should not be permitted to linger one moment longer on German territory, nor in any civilised country.