Tourists! Enjoy Beautiful Bali – But Beware of Besakih!

I’ve been warning people for years about Besakih, that grand Hindu temple in Bali, and the appalling avarice of the A-holes who somehow seem to have control over much of the ‘tourist industry’ in its vicinity.


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  • So it was good to read ( in that Balinese  website I often like to use) that Bali’s provincial legislature may at last be taking steps to curb the swine.
  • They’re are not only unpleasant in themselves but also leave visitors with a poor impression of the Hindu faith, which is a great shame because most Balinese, who are Hindu of course, are decent friendly sorts.
  • I like Bali a lot, for numerous reasons. 

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c7f1d-day11-evildead2 Unpleasant A-hole!


No need for me to repeat myself – you can go back to my previous posts…

Bali’s Besakih Temple – Ten Years On, Still Disgracing The Isle of The Gods! 

….but here’s my first-hand account of what went on during my first visit over FIFTEEN years ago

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The badgering to hire a ‘guide,’ who knew little enough, and to hire a sarong, were just about tolerable, but the ridiculous price asked for simple admission, with ‘suggested’ charges listed in dollars and yen, made me wonder if this was truly a place of worship of gods or of Mammon.

(When we looked askance at the importunate buffoon, he promptly showed us a ‘guest-list’ – it appeared to be signed by various overseas visitors, proudly acknowledging contributions of immense generosity. A work of fiction, or a testimony to the gullibilty of foreigners? I haven’t yet figured that out)

Mammon, we decided, so made to walk away, but then suddenly Rp.50,000 was enough for the two of us to gain entry.(as a sometime amateur archaeologist, I really like climbing about old temples and would have been irked had I not called their bluff successfully)




But what finally hacked me off was after the climb, when we emerged onto the road lined with tatty souvenir shops and warungs.

A cold drink was in order, so down we sat and ordered two cans of Pepsi.

You can buy them in mini-markets in Jakarta today for under Rp.5000, so back then the purchase price was maybe Rp.3000. Given that it was a tourist trap, I expected a bill for maybe Rp.10 or 15 thousand. No -THIRTY THOUSAND Rupiah, or more, I think, was the sum demanded by the unsmiling crone who served us.

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…and now here’s credible back-up for what I said.

Foreign tourists are again complaining about extortion practiced by “local guide” who prey on visitors to Bali’s most sacred holy shrine – the Pura Agung Besakih…com, these complaints are being considered seriously by a special commission on tourist guides established at the Bali House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali)

 Chairman Ardana


Commission Chairman Anak Agung Ngurah Adi Ardana’s most telling statement has to be this.

“If there are tourists who do not want to use the services of a local guide, I ask that they (local guides) do not try to force or coerce tourists to use their services.”

 He has expressed his concern at the negotiated prices now being applied and the impression received by many tourist visitors that they are being victimized and preyed upon.


As indeed the poor tourists are!


Ardana would do better to arrest the most offensive ‘guides’ and send them off to Aceh for a sound thrashing,  rather than talk to them.

Indonesia Sharia Law

There’s nothing wrong with corporal punishment if it’s administered for real offences, like exploiting innocent foreign visitors,  rather than the imbecilic sectarian garbage ‘crimes’  – like guys holding hands with their girl-friends or girls straddling motor-bikes!