Bilderberg – Something Wicked This Way Comes!

 If anyone doubted the truth of assertions that the Bilderberg Group is Enemy Within personified, you only need to look at who’s showing up at the fancy hotel they’ve booked in Dresden this week.


  • It’s a gathering of, to identify but one element among them, Europhiliacs.

Lagarde of the IMF, the evil Dutch EuroCommissar Timmermans…Good Dutch News, Bad Dutch Man – Time To Exert People Power! …and this year’s new kid on the Bilderberg block, none other than that arrogant rat O’Leary, of Ryan Air…


Hasil gambar untuk Michael O’Leary, Chief Executive, Ryanair O’Leary The Thinker


Pro-Independence UK Patriots – No Flyin’ With Ryan! 

…another alien who has stuck his uppity snout into Britain’s referendum debate.

Their main UK puppet, formerly an honoured guest at their conclave..Cast-Iron Cabals with Bilderbergers – HMV?  ….is preoccupied with doing their dirty work back home, and the report doesn’t say if their stalwart subversive Peter Sutherland will be there…


  • Peter Sutherland
Peter Sutherland

The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.


…but it does give plenty of other names, banksters, media moguls, big business plutocrats –

– many of their names infamous for declaring that, in the battle between Britain and Brussels, their allegiance was with the collaborationists of ‘Remain.’

But it’s not just undesirables with an axe to grind against UK sovereignty.

That worthless RINO Lindsey Graham will be there, and no surprise.


During last year’s conference, Bilderberg was rather supportive of Hillary Clinton in her presidential claim, which leads to the conclusion that Donald Trump’s success in the GOP primaries will come under the Bilderberg spotlight. Bilderberg 2016: World’s top brass meets in Dresden to talk migrants

  • trump
  • Bilderbergers out to get Trump?
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  • Moreover, anti-Trump Senator Lindsey Graham’s name on the guest list hints that the Group is to brood over how to prevent Trump from defeating Clinton.

How dare these self-perceived ‘masters of the universe’ seek to impose their will on America, or Britain, or any sovereign nation?

Last year, huge demos occurred as these supranational schemers plotted behind closed doors, where every meeting is held under the Chatham House Rule that allows participants to use the information they received, but bans them from disclosing the identity and the affiliation of the person the information came from.


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  • Since the report tells us that ‘former CIA and MI6’ spy chiefs will be there, this is not reassuring.

To stage their caballing this year in Dresden, an East German hot-spot where people are up in arms about what the elite are doing in terms of the crimmigrant tsunami, seems to be a deliberate act of provocation.  

Mama Stasi’s cops have certainly sprung into action to keep their secrets safe  EXCLUSIVE: Journalists — including me — harassed by police but I hope thousands will still turn out to denounce this evil in Dresden’s midst.