IslamoNazi Intimidation…in Nice, France!

We have often posted news of IslamoNazi thuggery, which tends to spike during Ramadhan, because white-shirt sectarian gangsters launch hate-raids against places selling not just drink but even food.


FPI_13 Cowardly IslamoNazi FPI thugs in Indonesia


  • They should be reported for creating ‘Islamophobia’ because they bring the creed they pretend to ‘defend’ into disrepute.
  • But little did I expect to have to post on a similar case in the famous French city of Nice, a place I memorably visited once with the offspring – an eventful trip we still talk about!
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Apparently a couple of pig-ignorant louts insulted a waitress in a downtown cafe, after snarling at her to  “stop serving alcohol” on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.

God knows where the scum thought they were.

Maybe some cess-pool dump like Tehran or Riyadh, where backward shariah rules apply. Obviously not in a civilised city in a civilised country…

Paradoxically, the young lady targetted by the cowardly bigot swine was herself of Tunisian origin, a Muslim, and was observing the fast, the purpose of which she clearly understands better than her tormentors.


Ramadan fasting: It’s about discipline, reflection, humanity



She works in the Vitis Café on Nice’s rue Lamartine, and was peacefully carrying out her waitress duties when the rabids began abusing her  – because, being a French Riviera cafe, it served alcohol.

She wasn’t drinking, so wasn’t flouting the rules of her creed. Much like the nice Muslim shop assistants in the Jakarta supermarket where I buy my bacon, or the even nicer Muslim waitresses who pour my Bintang beer in the bars!

“I was all alone in the bar when two passers-by suddenly appeared. They pointed to the bottles of alcohol behind the bar…


Vitis Cafe, Nice


….then one of them told me in Arabic:

‘You should be ashamed of yourself serving alcohol in the Ramadan period.’…

You can read the whole story on the Telegraph link.

She stood up to the brutes and it ended up with one of the scabrous curs striking the brave gal on the face, with such force that she was knocked to the floor.

Luckily, CCTV captured the scene.

It turns out the pusillanimous pigs were both identified by police and..wait for it!



  • one of them is known to be an illegal migrant who is a notoriously threatening figure in the district, but both are currently at large.


So all the cops need to do is catch him, hopefully beat him for a while, then deport him?


Ya gotta be kidding!

The European Court would be down on the cops – never the scumbags – like a ton of bricks.

Only this week the demented robed cretins ruled that crimmigrants can’t be detained for the crime of crimmigration.

EuroCourt’s Dangerous Dementia – For God’s Sake, Vote Leave

Certainly the two savages merit rough handling, but those judges on the ECJ, and the other damfools on the ECHR deserve a lot worse.




Their feeble-minded and/or subversive edicts are responsible for all kinds of evil-doers avoiding punishments richly deserved.