Venezuela Today, UK By Autumn? Europhiliac Treason!

Just been watching the news from Venezuela, where the people are fighting for their right to a referendum on Maduro’s marxist misrule.


referndmlet peole vote


The Castro-fan Reds are doing all they can to thwart that part of the constitution which states clearly there’s a right to eject a regime that’s betrayed the nation.



Angry patriots face Maduro’s Red goon-squad


In the UK, despite the rotten establishment’s resistance, Camoron has been forced to hold a referendum.

But now we learn that, even if the popular revolt succeeds at the ballot box, the same pack of rogues are plotting treason.

The BBC has learned pro-Remain MPs would use their voting power in the House of Commons to protect what they see as the economic benefits of a single market…

That’s the reaction of Britons’ elected ‘representatives’ to the prospect of a Brexit victory? Betray the people right away?

Staying inside the single market would mean Britain would have to keep its borders open to EU workers and continue paying into EU coffers.

In other words, these swine would void their Remainiac rheum on the people’s decision, by maintaining the worst aspects of the EUSSR.

In other words….TREASON!



William Joyce, aka ‘Lord Haw-Haw,’ also chose to serve those whose aim was a United Europe.

  • nazi-eu-hitler
  • Joyce was hanged in 1946 after a treason trial.

After the Brexit decision, will the next debate be about whether the current crop of plotters deserve anything less?