Congress Orders Library Leftists – Tell Truth on Crimmigrants

The House voted Friday to order the Library of Congress to keep using the term “illegal alien” to describe those who come to the U.S. without authorization, saying that as long as federal laws written by Congress use those terms, so should their official records-keeper.




It seems some appeasement monkey in the Library of Congress decided he or she knew better than the legislators (and the citizens who pay the Librarians’ salaries) and deemed the accurate words to be ‘pejorative.’

For some reason, the wannabe censors have not yet gotten round to changing the pejorative ‘rapists’ to ..what…’sexual adventurers?’

Nor have they changed the pejoratives ‘thieves’ and ‘robbers’ to ‘wealth-sharers.’

Congress should fire the pinko rat-bags.

Then they would find themselves in the position of being ‘between jobs…’

…or ‘out of work,’ as we normal pejorative people put it!