Red Nazi Antifa Stalks Patriots – At Tax-Payers’ Expense?

It’s all very well for me to record the disgraceful hooliganism seen here in Indonesia, with IslamoNazis stomping citizens’ rights to do anything of which the fanatics disapprove.


IslamoNazis war down freedom


fpi kill busddhist

FPI- unashamed of their blood-thirsty mind-set

But fairness demands we note similar obnoxious activity back West.

We posted recently – and regrettably will no doubt have to do so again – on the Red Nazi gangster-group, Antifa, violent masked hoodlums who abhor democracy and resort to Hitlerian storm-troop tactics against conservative and patriot parties and personalities across Europe.


‘F-ck Germany, Viva Antifa, For Communism!’

Global War on Free Speech – Scheiß Antifa!

In America too, as seen in videos of vicious louts under foreign flags assaulting Donald Trump supporters, these scum are active.


Nor should we forget similar thuggery in Britain by David Camoron’s UAF.


Astoundingly – well, not really! – it turns out that the German section of this amorphous terror movement may be funded by Mama Stasi Merkel’s government.

Even honest members of her CDU party are expressing dismay at this.

Kristina Schröder of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has spoken out against the government’s potential funding of left extremist groups:

“You cannot fight with left-wing extremists against right-wing extremists, not with the extreme right against left-wing extremists, and not with Islamophobes against Islamists.”

She went on to state that it was “fundamentally problematic when groups that receive government funds agitate against parties that are not classified as anti-constitutional.” Over 800 Attacks on Members of Germany’s Anti Mass Migration Party

Read that whole article. Thanks to Breitbart News for revealing some of the shocking details.
But I fear that as popular resistance mounts against the cultural marxist elite, many more reports of the same phenomenon will be seen.
merkel danger
The Enemy Within has had things its own way for more years than I care to remember.
Finally facing a fightback, of course they won’t rely on the democratic process to put the people’s champions down.