Sweet Dreams Are Made of THIS – Big Brexit Poll Swing!

Maybe just one more post tonight, as I have a house-guest, an Indonesian, who has been enjoying with me the sights and sounds of Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday celebrations on tv.

All that pomp and circumstance has left me in a rare mood, recalling all that’s truly Great about Britain.

Hence back,briefly tonight, to the battle-field!


One of my favourites…




….but THIS is my NUMBER ONE this weekend.

Brexit: ‘Leave’ or ‘Out’ 10 points ahead in poll


However, let careful note be made on why the good guys are doing so well.

EU Referendum: New poll shows one in three think immigration is more important than the economy

.EU Referendum: New poll shows one in three think immigration

Of course the two issues are hardly unconnected, but The Independent’s alarm is our signal to go for broke.

Nigel Farage’s highly germane reference to Germany’s alien sex-predator horror is surely  one of the main reasons why Brits are belatedly rallying to the cause.Nigel Farage: Migrants could pose sex attack threat to Britain


That’s why the nastiest left-lib shrills assailed him so ferociously – truth is their greatest enemy.

Pounds, shillings and pence (apologies for my archaism!) are a daily concern for most people…




….but material matters are trumped every time, for normal people, by a clear and present danger, a threat to the safety of their spouses and their daughters.

Bang that migration drum!


hands off

Get Britain Out!