Dateline! BBC Gives ‘Remain’ Free Campaign Broadcast!

Just had an excellent bacon and egg multi-layered sandwich for breakfast – the advantage of having a visitor who knows my menu-preferences – but suddenly a touch of indigestion, having watched the BBC Bias Special, aka Dateline.

NB It’s Sunday morning here in Jakarta, so you folks in the UK will likely get a chance to see it for yourselves in a few more hours



It is really disgusting how they blatantly recruit left-liberal ‘media’ guests, four pro-Brussels hacks and not a single pro-Brexit voice to be heard.

As for the babbling Beebling supposedly in charge of these Europhiliac cheer-leaders, he was simply egging the hacks on.

We’ve seen some of them before, the obscure American ‘author,’ named Temko….

Dateline BBC and Obama – Leading Questions, Slanted Panel 

….his fellow-Yank, Stryker McGuire, from Bloomberg, who reckoned ‘unification’ is wonderful, plus one Portuguese filly and a ghastly shrew named Margarine (or something – it was early in the morn!) from the far-left US magazine The Nation.

Comrade Magarine actually managed to excel the rest, with her slobbering glee over the prospect of Crooked Hillary choosing Pocahontas Warren as her VP pick…


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  • ….oh, yeah, the bias began with the American election, before they began to belittle Britain..
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  • The BBC was again brazenly abusing its huge subsidies from the British public purse – and sedulously earning its EU funding – by refusing to bring in at least a token journo who reflects at least HALF the British people’s views (according to the latest Brexit poll) on immigration and on the EUSSR.

Camoron will of course do nothing to enforce fair play – the concept is as unfamiliar to him as nuclear physics is to me.

But the day of reckoning has to come.

Sooner or later Brits will act to emulate the Poles, who have taken steps to comb out the leftist lice that for years infested their state media.

Poles Set Another Good Example – Clean Out Media Bias! 

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  • Given Brussels’ attempts to obstruct that delousing endeavour, probably best to wait till after the People’s Victory on 23rd June!