Bigot Goon-Squad Bullies Vendor – Decent Indonesians Open Hearts AND Wallets!

No Ramadhan raids on eateries in Jakarta: Ahok –

So says the Jakarta Post, and I hope his assurance holds up. I’d be more reassured if the cops give an undertaking to use the guns they carry to deal with sectarian hoodlums who decide to run amok.

But the rest of the report is more interesting, both for the news it gives of a SatPol PP (civic militia) raid on a defenceless old lady in the nearby town of Serang last week.

Her ‘crime?’

Mrs. Saeni had served customers at midday during the fasting month.

Serang, as noted, is near Jakarta but is actually located in the adjacent province of Banten.

Banten may not be as steeped in pig-ignorant fanaticism as Aceh or West Java, but that’s not saying a lot.

Shariah goon-squad, picking on Saeni’s food-stall Well done to for focusing on this

Serang Satpol PP personnel raided Saeni’s food stall based on a regulation prohibiting eateries from serving customers during the day throughout the fasting month.

The JP report then adds needlessly that Muslims are required to fast from dawn until dusk.


That’s between them and their God, not a bunch of bigoted local bigwigs who evidently see themselves as agents of Divine Wrath.

Here’s one of many YouTube links to the scenes.

Don’t know about you but it made me want to spit with fury.

Serang’s sort of evil intolerance is an insult to the declared spirit of Ramadhan, which is meant to be all about introspection and spiritual discipline.  I do sometimes wonder what God will say to these pusillanimous pea-brains when they arrive in search of their just reward for persecuting women like Saeni.


I can, of course, not know the answer to that, but I can speculate.

However, there’s a happy ending to the story. 

Footage of the raid went viral on social media on Friday and led to a donation drive for Saeni, which had collected more than Rp 176 million (US$13,200) as of Sunday night. 

CNN says it now amounts to Rp.265 million.

And President Jokowi himself has apparently sent in another Rp.10 million.



Just a pity he can’t order public floggings for the scum who reduced the poor little lady to tears.